Upstream Flyfishing



Code Description Price (Incl.)
D003 Rise Tippet T R105.00
D004 Rise Lanyard R105.00
D025 Sci Ang Retractor Large R160.00
D035 Dohiku Micro Rings 3S R75.00
D040 Dohiku Micro Rings 4S R75.00
D046 Dr Slick Forceps R190.00
D047 Dr Slick Scissor/Forceps Small R410.00
D055 Dr Slick Scissor/Forceps Large R480.00
D059 Anglers Accessories Net Magnet R220.00
D070 Handi-Measure R220.00
D049 Dr Slick Floatant Holder 2-pack R140.00
D060 AA Magnet Net Holder R370.00
D100 AirFlow Amadou R400.00
D101 Rio Agent X Floatant R130.00
D096 Loon Tip Toppers Indicators R40.00
D102 HENDS CDC Oil R60.00
D103 HENDS CDC Gel R60.00
D105 Loon Aquel R125.00
D115 Loon Top Ride R190.00
D117 Loon Payette Floatant R75.00
D120 Loon Easy Dry R95.00
D125 Loon Hydro Stop R165.00
D130 Loon Line Speed R180.00
D140 Loon UV Knot Sense R185.00
D135 Loon Reel Lube R60.00
D144 Loon UV Wader Repair R100.00
D150 Loon Snake River Mud R150.00
D176 Loon Foam Leader Rig R120.00
D175 Loon Bottoms up Caddy R65.00
D185 Loon UV Fly Paint R120.00
D189 Loon Brass Soft Weight R110.00
D190 Loon Deep Soft Weight R270.00
D191 Loon UV Mini Lamp R395.00
D192 Loon Swax R160.00
D196 Loon UV Clear Fly Finnish R295.00
D197 Loon Lochsa Floatant R190.00
D199 Loon UV Powerlight R960.00
D210 Omnispool Switchbox R140.00
D211 Omnispool Switchbox Handles R55.00
D212 Omnispool Linecare Box R55.00
D213 Omnispool Spacers R55.00
D230 AA Coil Retractor R160.00
D232 AA Zinger R125.00
D233 AA Snips R95.00
D234 AA Thermometer Green R210.00
D235 Anglers Accessories Thermometer R160.00
D236 AA Forceps R105.00
D237 AA Strippees R240.00
D239 Mucilin Line Floatant R65.00
D240 Ketchum Release R220.00
D241 AA Reel Bands R25.00
D243 Gehrke's Gink R145.00
D244 AA Measuring Tape R145.00
D248 Blue Water Big Game Pliers R690.00
D270 Abel Nipper Black R520.00
D285 Simms Pliers with Lanyard R3600.00
D311 Wooden Net Ghost Rubber R410.00
D312 Wooden Net Mesh R290.00
D313 Wooden Net w/Tape R310.00
D421 Finger Lappies 5-Pack R40.00
D425 Glacier Gloves R590.00
D426 AA Tippet Threader R140.00
D429 Simms Nippers R840.00
D450 Osprey Hydration Bladder 2 liter R300.00
D629 Streamworks BigGame Scissor Forceps R300.00
D801 New Zealand Strike Indicator R320.00
D802 New Zealand Strick Indicator Wool R140.00
L220 C&F 3-in-one Nail Knot Pipe R165.00
N005 Ballistic Polarised Sun Glasses R450.00
N020 Ballistic Orange Float Cords R180.00
N030 Ballistic Black Cords R180.00
N050 Maui Jim PEAHI Sun Glasses R2990.00
N051 Maui Jim LIGHTHOUSE Sun Glasses R2190.00
N052 Maui Jim HOOKIPA Sun Glasses R2990.00
N053 Maui Jim WAKEA Sun Glasses R3290.00
N054 Maui Jim HALEAKALA Sun Glasses R2990.00
N055 Maui Jim SPARTAN REEF Sun Glasses R3190.00
N056 Maui Jim WORLD CUP Sun Glasses R2990.00
N057 Maui Jim POHAKU Sun Glasses R3390.00
N058 Maui Jim BAMBOO FOREST Sun Glasses R2990.00
N059 Maui Jim ISLAND TIME Sun Glasses R3190.00
Fly- and Hook Boxes
L001 Rise Bulk Fly Box R420.00
L002 Rise Mega Fly Box R520.00
L020 Rise Ali Compartment Box R380.00
L025 Rise Ali Foam Box R300.00
L029 Rise 7-Row Fly Box w/leaf R180.00
L030 Rise Slit Foam Fly Box L R170.00
L034 Rise Foam Fly Box L R170.00
L035 Rise Compartment Fly Box L R270.00
L036 Rise Small Fly Box with Leaf R120.00
L135 C & F CF-3500 / 3588 R480.00
L165 C & F CFGS-3500 Tarpon Box R525.00
L170 C & F CFGS-3544 Permit Box R525.00
L175 C & F CFGS-3555 Bonefish Box R525.00
  • *     All prices are inclusive of 14% VAT
  • **   Prices and Stockholding are subject to change
  • *** Prices updated June 2017

Upstream Flyfishing Upstream Flyfishing