Upstream Flyfishing



Code Description Price (Incl.)
M005 Assorted Trout Fly R10.00
M006 Custom-Tied Trout Fly R25.00
M015 Bass Poppers Jaw Breakers R40.00
M020 Largemouth Yellowfish MSP Fly R20.00
M030 Bass Gurgler Fly R35.00
M035 Grunter Turd Fly R140.00
M040 Polar Fibre Brush Fly #2/0 R45.00
M041 Clouser Minow Fly #2 R35.00
M042 Scultered Baitfish Fly #4/0 R35.00
M043 Scultured Baitfish Fly #6/0 R65.00
M044 Pillow Talk Fly R35.00
M045 NYAP #2/0 R50.00
M048 NYAP #6/0 R70.00
M052 NYAP #8/0 R80.00
M046 Flippers R45.00
M047 Poppers S/W R45.00
M049 Tiger Clousers / Whistlers Flies R45.00
M050 Tiger Brush Flies R55.00
M054 Al-Flexo Crab Fly R80.00
M055 Chalie / Milky Dreams / Spawning shrimp R40.00
M055 Permit Hermits / Fleeing Crabs R55.00
M060 Crabs / Shrimps R45.00
M061 Salty Bugger R30.00
M062 Polarfibre Baitfish R40.00
M063 3D Finger Mullet R45.00
M064 Sili Mullet R70.00
M065 Clouser Minows #2/0 R55.00
M066 Mega Clouser R90.00
M067 Brush / Saddle Fly #6/0 #8/0 R75.00
M070 Brush Fly #4/0 R70.00
M071 Brush / Saddle Fly #2 R65.00
M075 Crease Fly R50.00
M080 Deep Dredge Fly R90.00
M090 Sponge Bob Fly R90.00
  • *     All prices are inclusive of 14% VAT
  • **   Prices and Stockholding are subject to change
  • *** Prices updated June 2017

Upstream Flyfishing Upstream Flyfishing