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Flytying tools and materials

Code Description Price (Incl.)
Flytying Tools
K002 AA Scissors R140.00
K005 Crown Vice R445.00
K010 Crown Vice in Wooden Box R990.00
K017 Xplorer Rotating Travel Vice R2 550.00
K025 Renzetti Traveller Vice R4 200.00
K026 Renzetti Saltwater Traveller Vice R4 500.00
K305 Dr Slick Hair Stacker R420.00
K313 Dr Slick Hair Scissors R260.00
K315 Dr Slick Arrow Point Scissors R440.00
K318 Dr Slick Titanium Hair Scissors R650.00
K330 Dr Slick Whip Finnisher R190.00
K350 Dr Slick Dubbing Twister R160.00
K520 TMC Ceramic Bobbin R400.00
Flytying Materials
Q001 Dohiku Squirrel Dubbing R65.00
Q002 Dohiku Seall Dubbing R80.00
Q004 Dohiku CDC Dubbing R80.00
Q005 H2O Marabou R70.00
Q020 Cam Sigler Heads R50.00
Q025 H2O Saddle Hackle R60.00
Q037 Grip Mayfly Bodies R30.00
Q027 H2O Sstrung Cock Schlappen R160.00
Q032 Dohiku CDC 1G R135.00
Q033 Dohiku CDC R55.00
Q037 Grip Mayfly Bodies R30.00
Q066 Egg Yarn R50.00
Q076 H2O Cock Fheasant Tail R35.00
Q085 H2O Large Bucktail R185.00
Q090 H2O Dear Hair R110.00
Q110 H2O Elk Hair R175.00
Q118 H2O Barred ZonkerStrips R80.00
Q119 H2O Cross Cut Rabit Strips R70.00
Q124 H2O Rabbit Zonker Strips R70.00
Q125 H2O Calf Tail R110.00
Q130 H2O Peacock Hearl R40.00
Q170 Dohiku Flexi Floss R40.00
Q202 Grip Foam Hopper/Beatle Bodies R35.00
Q211 H2O Crystal Flash R45.00
Q217 Grip Micro Chenille R25.00
Q218 H2O Micro Chenille R30.00
Q225 H2O Rayon / Ultra Chenille R30.00
Q230 H2O Speckled Chenille R35.00
Q231 H2O Wooly Bug Chenile R35.00
Q235 H2O Mallard Flank R40.00
Q250 Grip Sili Legs R25.00
Q251 Grip Barred Sili Legs R50.00
Q275 H2O Mirror Image R45.00
Q300 Coq De Leon Saddle R440.00
Q301 Coq De Leon Cape R400.00
Q305 Whiting 1/2 Cape Bronze R750.00
Q310 Whiting 1/2 Saddle Bronze R1 320.00
Q330 Rise Saddle 10 Pack R120.00
Q331 Rise Saddle Mix 12 Pack R145.00
Q350 H2O Indian Cock Cape R160.00
Q351 H2O Indian Hen Cape R140.00
Q380 Hares Mask R110.00
Q385 Rams Wool R65.00
Q420 Mylar Tubing Small R40.00
Q425 Mylar Tubing Med R40.00
Q430 Mylar Tubing Large R45.00
Q472 H2O Round Rubber Legs R50.00
Q475 H2O Barred Rubber Legs R60.00
Q476 Grip Antron Yarn R65.00
Q495 H2O Stretchy Body Fibre R40.00
Q502 H2O Long Hair Chenilie R35.00
Q508 Jewel Rattles R120.00
Q510 H2O Angel Silk R35.00
Q550 H2O Shiner R40.00
Q560 H2O NYAP Heads 2/0 6/0 8/0 R70.00
Q565 H2O Flipper Bodies R40.00
Q597 H2O Polar Fibre Brush 1.5 R50.00
Q599 H2O Polar Fibre Brush 3 R55.00
Q600 H2O Polar Fibre R50.00
Q601 H2O Fluoro Fibre R35.00
Q602 H2O SF Blend Sculting Fibre R55.00
Q604 H2O Body Braid R25.00
Q605 H2O Flat Mylar Flash R45.00
Q606 H2O Crab Eyes Pearly R45.00
Q607 H2O Cactus Braid R18.00
Q608 H2O Stretchy Body Floss R33.00
Q609 H2O Fritz Fibre R45.00
Q610 H2O Fish Scale R50.00
Q611 H2O Streamer Brush R40.00
Q612 H2O Cactus Chenille 5mm R30.00
Q613 H2O Cactus Chenille 10mm R40.00
Q618 H2O Fuzzy Bug R30.00
Q619 H2O Gliss n Gloss R40.00
Q620 H2O Slinky Fibre R35.00
Q623 H2O CDC R35.00
Q626 H2O Grizzly Fibre R45.00
Q627 H2O Baitfish Brush R40.00
Q802 Loon Tungston Powder R600.00
Q850 Dohiku Antron Yarn R45.00
Q851 Dohiku Classic Dubbing R45.00
Q853 Dohiku UV Dubbing R40.00
Q854 Dohiku Spectra Dubbing R40.00
Q857 Dohiku Jungle Cock Synthetic R55.00
Q859 Dohiku Blob Cheninile R50.00
Q860 Dohiku Body Stretch R40.00
Q861 Dohiku Flash Back R30.00
Q862 Dohiku Swiss Straw R30.00
Q863 Dohiku Squirmy R65.00
Q864 Dohiku Angel Hair R40.00
Q865 Dohiku Quill Body R45.00
R082 Dohiku Barbless Hooks R85.00
R052 Grip SW 21612N #2 Hooks R65.00
R053 Grip SW 21612N #4 Hooks R65.00
R054 Grip SW 21612N #6 Hooks R50.00
R055 Grip SW 21612N #8 Hooks R50.00
R056 Grip SW 21612N #10 Hooks R50.00
R087 Claw Barbless Hooks R65.00
R103 Gama SL12S #2 Hooks R90.00
R105 Gama SL12S #2/0 Hooks R100.00
R110 Gama SL12S #4/0 Hooks R100.00
R115 Gama SL12S #6/0 Hooks R100.00
R130 Gama SC15-2H #3/0 Hooks R105.00
R145 Gama Jig #4/0 Hooks R265.00
R154 Gama SL-3H #1 Hooks R85.00
R155 Gama SL-3H #2 Hooks R85.00
R156 Gama SL-3H #4 Hooks R65.00
R233 Gama B10S #1/0 Hooks R140.00
R235 Gama B10S #2/0 Hooks R150.00
R195 Mustad Circle #2 Hooks R30.00
R196 Mustad Circle #4 Hooks R30.00
R197 Mustad Circle #6 Hooks R30.00
Beads, Cones, Dumbells, Eyes, Threads, Wire
R057 Grip Tungston DB Eyes 3mm R110.00
R058 Grip Tungsten DB Eyes 4mm R150.00
R060 Grip Tungsten DB Eyes 4.6mm R215.00
R061 Grip Dumbbell Eyes Small R70.00
R062 Grip Dumbbell Eyes Med R75.00
R064 Grip Dumbell Eyes Large R80.00
R065 Grip Slotted Tungston Beads 2.5mm R110.00
R066 Grip Slotted Tungston Beads 3mm R110.00
R067 Grip Slotted Tungston Beads 4mm R120.00
R069 Grip Brass Beads 1.5/2mm R30.00
R070 Grip Brass Beads 2.4mm R35.00
R071 Grip Brass Beads 2.7mm R38.00
R072 Grip Brass Beads 3.2mm R40.00
R073 Grip Brass Beads 3.8/4mm R45.00
R074 Grip Brass Beads 4.8mm R48.00
R075 Grip Tungsten Bead 1.5mm R100.00
R076 Grip Tungsten Beads 2.0mm R100.00
R077 Grip Tungsten Beads 2.5mm R105.00
R078 Grip Tungsten Beads 3.0mm R110.00
R079 Grip Tungsten Beads 3.5mm R120.00
R080 Grip Tungsten Beads 4mm R130.00
R083 Dohiku Tungsten Slotted Beads R65.00
R084 Dohiku Brass Beads R30.00
R201 H2O Tung Dumbell Small R65.00
R202 H2O Tung Dumbell Med R85.00
R203 H20 Dumbell Mega Brass R105.00
R210 H2O Brass Cone Head R25.00
R250 Dohiku Micro Floss R40.00
R265 Dohiku Tying Thread R65.00
R265 Dohiku Nano Silk R100.00
R280 Grip Bead Chain Eyes R30.00
R295 Ultra Thread R40.00
R295 Split Shot Dispencer R65.00
R310 Power Swivels #8 R20.00
R320 Grip Flat Eyes 4mm R25.00
R321 Grip Flat Eyes 6.4mm R30.00
R322 Grip Flat Eyes 7.9mm R35.00
R325 Grip 3D Eyes 4mm R30.00
R326 Grip 3D Eyes 6.4mm R35.00
R327 Grip 3D Eyes 7.9mm R40.00
R351 H2O Stick On Lge Pupil Eyes 4mm R30.00
R352 H2O Stick On Lge Pupil Eyes 5mm R30.00
R353 H2O Stick On Lge Pupil Eyes 7mm R35.00
R354 H2O Stick On Lge Pupil Eyes 9mm R40.00
R360 H2O Stick On Eyes 3mm R25.00
R365 H2O Stick On Eyes 12mm R40.00
R357 H2O Stick On Eyes 15mm R40.00
R395 Danvilles Thread R30.00
R400 Grip Micro Thread R80.00
R418 H2O Dub Brush Wire Fine R85.00
R419 H2O Dub Brush Wire Med R70.00
R426 Danville Lead Wire R70.00
R455 H2O Frantic Eyes 4mm R50.00
R457 H2O Frantic Eyes 6mm R55.00
R458 H2O Frantic Eyes 8mm R55.00
R459 H2O Frantic Eyes 10mm R60.00
R460 H2O Moon Eyes 6mm R55.00
R461 H2O Moon Eyes 8mm R60.00
R462 H2O Moon Eyes 10mm R65.00
R463 H2O Moon Eyes 12mm R65.00
R470 H2O Shrimp Crab Eyes Sml R45.00
R475 H2O Shrimp Crab Eyes Lge R45.00
R480 H2O Shrimp Crab Eyes Pearl R50.00
R510 Sally Hansen Hard As Nails R105.00
R511 H2O Head Cement R35.00
  • *     All prices are inclusive of 14% VAT
  • **   Prices and Stockholding are subject to change
  • *** Prices updated June 2017

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