Upstream Flyfishing



Code Description Price (Incl.)
Scientific Angler Lines
C108 Sci Ang Air Cel WF Floating Line R540.00
C011 Sci Ang Frequency WF Floating Line R860.00
C110 Sci Ang Mastery DT Floating Line R1150.00
C110 Sci Ang Mastery WF Floating Line R1150.00
C111 Sci Ang Wavelength WF Floating Textured Line R1330.00
C115 Sci Ang Mastery Grand Slam SW WF Floating Line R1230.00
C116 Sci Anc Wavelength Grand Slam SW WF Textured Floating Line R830.00
C180 Sci Ang Amptitude SW WF Floating Line R1810.00
C130 Sci Ang Wet Cel WF Sink Line R1300.00
C130 Sci Ang Sonar WF Uniform Sinking Line R1300.00
C170 Sci Ang Sonar Sink 30 Line R1230.00
C172 Sci Ang Sonar Titan WFI Lines R1230.00
C173 Sci Ang Titan BWT Lines R1380.00
Tippets, Leaders & Backing
C700 Trout Hunter Nyion Tippet 50m 0X - 8X R120.00
C707 Trout Hunter Fluorocarbon Tippet 0X - 8X R345.00
C700 Sci Ang Nylon Tippet Material 0X - 8X R120.00
C707 Sci Ang Fluorocarbon Tippet Material 3X - 6X R230.00
C730 Sci Ang Tapered Trout Leaders 9'0" 2-pack 1X - 6X R130.00
C731 Sci Ang Salt Water Tapered Leaders 9'0" 2-pack R130.00
C820 American Fishing Wire 38lb Single-Strand R60.00
C830 Backing 20lbs/100m R50.00
C835 Backing 30lb/100m R70.00
C849 PowerPro Superbraid 65lb 300yd R880.00
C850 PowerPro Superbraid 80lb 300yd R1100.00
C869 Maxima 3,5 kg Ultragreen R40.00
C870 Maxima 4,5 kg Ultragreen R42.00
C875 Maxima 5,5 kg Ultragreen R42.00
C880 Maxima 7 kg Ultragreen R44.00
C885 Maxima 10 kg Ultragreen R48.00
C887 Maxima 12.5 kg Ultragreen R60.00
C890 Maxima 16 kg Ultragreen R65.00
C906 DoubleX Shock Fluoro 20lb R150.00
C906 Double X Shock Fluoro 30lb R150.00
C906 DoubleX Shock Fluoro 40lb R150.00
C906 Double X Shock Fluoro 60lb R150.00
C907 DoubleX Shock Fluoro 80lb R190.00
C907 Double X Shock Fluoro 100lb R190.00
C907 DoubleX Shock Fluoro 120lb R190.00
C905 Double X Superior Shock Fluoro 17lb R240.00
C903 DoubleX Superior Shock Fluoro 130lb R650.00
C810 Knotable Tiger Wire -
  • *     All prices are inclusive of 14% VAT
  • **   Prices and Stockholding are subject to change
  • *** Prices updated June 2017

Upstream Flyfishing Upstream Flyfishing