Upstream Flyfishing

Fishing Trips:


Each year we run trips to our favourite fishing destinations! These cover trout, yellowfish, tigerfish and salt water species.

These are mainly hosted trips with the emphasis on fishing, a bit more fishing, relaxing and generally having fun. At some of the venues there are guides at others we know the area pretty well and just go fishing!

We are really passionate about all these venues and know the fishing will be exciting!

We also run guided trips to the Streams and Still Waters of the Western Cape as well as weekend excursions to some of our tidal rivers and estuaries that provide good sport for the Fly fisherman.

Trip Schedule 2014-5

Subject to change, please contact us to confirm dates.

Destination Dates
Rhodes - Trout Fishing Sat 26 April 2014 to Sat 3 May 2014
Alphonse Island Salt-water October 2013 - May 2014
Ilombe - Tigerfishing Group 1: Wed 1st July 2015 to Tues 7th July 2015
Group 2: Tues 7th July 2015 to Mon 13th July 2015
Group 3: Thurs 23rd July 2015 to Wednesday 29th July 2015
Sekoma - Tigerfishing Thurs 23rd July 2015 to Wed 29th July 2015

Upstream Flyfishing Upstream Flyfishing