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Autumn is Rhodes time and in my opinion Rhodes offers the best trout fishing in South Africa. I know that is a bold statement, but I sincerely believe it to be true! Rhodes - Lesotho

For those of you who do not know it or have not guessed it by now - Rhodes is my favourite trout fishing destination! The little hamlet of Rhodes is situated high up in the Eastern Cape Highlands in the southern part of the Drakensburg at an altitude of six thousand feet above sea level and very close to the Lesotho border. It is a very quaint little town surrounded by about 900kms of fishable streams and rivers. Truly a trout fishing paradise!

Rhodes - Lesotho We stay in local cottages in the village and eat our meals at The Rhodes Hotel.

Tackle wise I take my #000, my #2, my 9'0" #3 and my #5 rod my go-to rod will be the #3 the others are just because I can! I recommend that you take a couple of rods up to a #5. My reels are all loaded with floating lines. We fish predominantly with small and not so small pairs of nymphs under indicators but also where possible with dry flies. Wading boots are a must and I take my waders but depending on water temperatures may or may not wear them.

Rhodes - Lesotho It will be autumn so cold in the mornings, but the days should be spectacularly bright and clear. The leaves in the trees will be starting to turn those rich golden colours and looking spectacularly beautiful… Last year we were there a month later and had a session fishing in the snow in the morning and in tee shirts in bright sunshine in the afternoon - expect anything in Rhodes!

The fishing is really great, in some places with open fields on either side of the river and in others in tunnels of Crack Willow trees. There are small little headwater streams and large rivers and everything in between. I battle to find the right words to describe the fishing.

The cost of the trip includes your accommodation, meals (full breakfasts and suppers - we normally just take some fruit for lunch) and all fishing permits. It excludes transport - we normally put guys together so that they can share the driving and petrol costs - and your bar bill!

It does not matter how long you have been fishing or your level of expertise - what does matter is your enthusiasm and your commitment to have a good time.

I would love you to join us and to share this experience with us - so please give me a call or email me to book your spot. Rhodes - Lesotho

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