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Yellowfish - Orange River - Richtersveld

Richtersveld - Lesotho The Orange River in the Richtersveld is a very special place - it is so very different to anywhere else that I have ever fished. It is situated in the north western corner of the Northern Province separated with southern Namibia by the Orange River. The countryside is dry and arid with harsh rocky mountains and sandy plains. In winter everything is brown and dry but after just one downpour of rain it turns a lush green with pretty flowers popping up all over the place!

Richtersveld - Lesotho We generally visit the Richtersveld in the winter months of July, August and September when it is warm during daylight hours but as the sun goes down it can get quite to very cold - there have been times when we have sat around a good fire at night dressed in fleeces and beanies!

To get there we leave very early in the morning, drive up the N7 to Springbok and then on to Steinkopf where we turn towards the coast and Port Nolloth, then head up to Alexander Bay and inland again to Sendingsdrift and on to Potjiespram. We stay in Potjiespram for two nights, strike camp and head off on an exciting two hour drive across to De Hoop where we spend another two nights before returning home.

This is a fishing, camping and relaxing chill-out trip. Everyone brings their own tents and sleeping bags but we do the whole food and catering thing. Richtersveld - Lesotho

Our target species in the Orange are Small-mouth and Large-mouth Yellowfish. We will also catch Orange River Mud-fish, and maybe barbell and even Carp. The average Smallmouth run between two to six pounds but we have caught double digit fish. The Large-mouth can get really big - up to fifteen pounds - but these are not caught that often.

Richtersveld - Lesotho Czech nymphing is very effective above, in and at the tail-outs of the rapids. We also indicator nymph as well as cast large streamers up and across for Large mouth Yellows. This is a big river necessitating aggressive wading - wading boots are an absolute must and chest waders do make things a lot more comfortable. I find a wading staff very useful.

Tackle wise we use rods from #3 to #6 - some of us have had incredible fun on even lighter rods! Good quality reels are important because these fish are incredibly strong and use the current to their best advantage. The flies that we use are heavily weighted Czech nymphs, bead head nymphs, caddis larva imitations, atomic worms and small general purpose nymphs as well as a selection of streamer pattern flies. Waterproof flyboxes come into their own as you will take an involuntary swim from time to time and a net helps to land fish quickly.

The fishing is very exciting - sometimes the takes are so soft and subtle that they are very easy to miss while other times they smash the flies really hard. I love it up there - it has a beauty all of its own - and the fish will certainly put a serious bend in your rod!!!

The Orange River has been in flood for some months now (March 2011) – we find fishing optimal when the river is flowing at around thirty cumecs – a few months ago it was flowing at over five thousand cumecs and has now dropped to around half of that, but it still has a way to go. The floods caused considerable damage and the Park is currently closed! We plan to run camps in September and October this year and as soon as the flows stabalise we will set the dates for these camps – watch this space!

Our camps will depart from Cape Town on a Wednesday returning home on the following Sunday. If you enjoy the great outdoors you will love these camps…

Richtersveld - Lesotho

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