TroutHunter fluorocarbon structure is designed to create strong, durable knots while providing remarkable breaking strength for its diameter. TroutHunter Fluorocarbon won the fly fishing industries "Dealers Choice Award" & won 1st Place at the "George Anderson's 2012 Tippet Shoot Out" receiving the highest possible score in spool design, honesty in advertised strength, abrasion resistance, invisibility to fish, casting accuracy, and expert angler preference. Many features in our tippet spool and packaging system are unique and specific to the innovation of TroutHunter.   There has been no change to the TroutHunter Fluorocarbon Material. Our packaging and spool indicates fishing strength. It is the same as it ever was. Fish with confidence.   • U.V Protective packaging • Waterproof packaging • 40 or 50 meter spools • Half sizes - yep, that's right! • Designed by fishermen   TENSILE STRENGTH:The resistance of the material to breaking under tension. FISHING STRENGTH:The resistance of material with an overhand or wind knot to breaking under tension.
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Absolute fluorocarbon leaders and tippet boast a 15% higher wet knot strength compared to our previous material and features incredible clarity and abrasion resistance. 100% fluorocarbon for ultimate stealthy presentations Supple for drag free drifts Sizes: 7X – 0X Length: 30m spools in all sizes Silicone band protects tippet from UV exposure Patented cutter spool design SIZE DIAMETER BREAK STRENGTH 7X 0.004” / .10 mm 2.5 lb / 1,1 KG 6X 0.005” / .13 MM 3.5 lb / 1,6 KG 5X 0.006” / .15 mm 4.6 lb / 2,1 KG 4X 0.007” / .18 mm 6.7 lb / 3,0 KG 3X 0.008” / .20 mm 8.4 lb / 3,8 KG 2X 0.009” / .23 mm 9.5 lb / 4,3 KG 1X 0.010” / .25 mm 11.8 lb / 5,4 KG 0X 0.011” / .28 mm 13.4 lb / 6,1 KG  
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Absolute Tippet is made with proprietary copolymer blends that are designed to drastically reduce water absorption while maintaining an optimal suppleness for high knot strength. Absolute nylon leaders and tippet have a 29% higher wet knot strength compared to our previous material and up to 40% higher wet knot strength when compared to our competitors. Supple material for drag free drifts Sizes: 7X – 0X Length: 30m spools in all sizes Silicone band protects tippet from UV exposure Patented cutter spool design Material: Nylon Water Type: Freshwater Fishing Type: Dries, Indicators, Nymphs, Streamers, Big Dries, Euro, General, Presentation, Stillwater
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TroutHunter Big Game Fluorocarbon has gained a cult following among serious flats junkies and anadromous fish chasers due to its strength, abrasion resistance, and invisibility Don't bring a knife to a gun fight -- get the hunter's edge. Available in strengths 12.8lb to 19.4lb on newly designed 3" spools. 50 meters. ALL TroutHunter tippet spools fit together for ease of carrying multiple sizes, and yes, the new Big Game spools fit on our tippet tender.
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EVO Nylon is an improvement over our existing Nylon achieved through the proper application of our proprietary organic coating to our existing Nylon material.  By applying the coating in our unique process, much stronger knot strengths are achieved with no noticeable increase in diameter.  The coating also adds a measure of durability in combating abrasion.   The coating repels water so the nylon will float better than previous nylons.  In addition, once the package is open the coating will protect the material from water and humidity that will enter the spools from normal use adding to the useful life of the purchase.     Greatly Improved Knot Strength (comparable with that of Fluorocarbon) Higher resistance to abrasion and impact. Improved Flotation Longer Life Very little memory
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Tie the end of your leader onto one of these and then tie your tippet length to the ring. These are also great for tying droppers to leader or when you want to attach fluorocarbon to monofilament and as they weigh almost nothing they do not affect turnover or the leaders floating/sinking properties. Vision tippet rings are available as 10 or 20 kilo breaking strength. The matt black colour doesn’t reflect so they won’t spook the fish. 10pcs/bag.
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The most reliable fly snaps ever! Unique design ensures these will not open when casting large pike and muskie flies or when fighting toothy fish Size #2 - Made from extremely strong .24” stainless steel Size #3 - Made from extremely strong .30” stainless steel Black finish 6 to a package  
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