Seychelles - Alphonse Island

Experience world class saltwater fly fishing within the pristine Islands of the Seychelles. This stunning Indian Ocean archipelago is teeming with a variety of fish species that have captured the hearts and fulfilled the dreams of many a fly fishermen.

Gabon - Trophy Tarpon

Tarpon are considered as one of the great saltwater game fish! Their strength, stamina and fighting ability make them Central West Africa’s premier game fish and their spectacular leaps into the air, will leave you with a lifetime of unforgettable memories.

Argentina - Jurassic Lake

Located in one of the most remote and wild places of Argentine Patagonia, Jurassic Lake lodge is situated just a short distance away from the best beats on Strobel lake, including exclusive access to the only river mouth of the lake and the lower Barrancoso river.


Bolivia - Golden Dorado

The unforgettable jungle experience that will unleash your inner wildness and release your fly fishing passion for remote destinations. Based at a top-class lodge, on the banks of the Sécure River, this experience offers the possibility to sight fish for the amazing Amazonian Golden Dorado on fly.