Hook Model Description Sizes available Wet / Dry Comments HDN 302 Heavy Wire. Barbless #6-20 Wet A great hook for large species of midges, cased caddis, mayfly nymphs (ZAKs) and terrestrial flies e.g DDD & Hopper patterns HDN 301 Light Wire. Barbless #10-20 Dry HDD 301 is a classic dry fly hook. Its shape is ideal for tying larger patterns of dry flies. Ideal for parachute, spinner and caddis style patterns HDN 302 SPR Racing   Light Wire. Barbless #12-16 Wet / Nymph SPR are made from finer, thinner wire 0.45 mm. They are recommended for tying flies for smaller streams and fish. HDC 303 Heavy Wire. Barbless #10-18 Wet / Nymph Made with shorter shank and a slightly wider gap versus the 302. Recommended for smaller nymphs, buzzers HDA 254 Light Wire. Barbless #10-18 Wet/Pupa These hooks are great for Caddis (Sedge) Pupa, Terrestrials (Beetles and Hoppers) HDJ Heavy Wire. Barbless #8-20 Wet / Jig A great jig style hook, with 60 degree bend and wide gap for increased hooking ability HDP Light Wire. Barbless #10-16 Wet / Pupa These hooks are specially recommended for the Pupa caddis/sedge flies HDB Heavy Wire. Barbless #8-12 Wet / Blob These hooks...
from R 85.00 - R 90.00
The Aki™ hook with a heavy duty forged shank and Cutting Point®, performs as both a saltwater bait hook and a fly hook to tie streamer patterns for blue water game fish. Features a straight eye (for more efficient in-line hook sets) and black chrome finish. These are great hooks for Largemouth Yellowfish (#2/0) and for Tarpon (#4/0) Quantity #2/0 - 6 per pack #4/0 - 5 per pack
R 125.00
A stinger hook without compromise. The Kona Xtra Strong Stinger takes the popular and effective stinger-style hook to the next level with added 2X strength to hold up to the rigors of fighting bigger fish. Specs: Streamers & hair bugs, black-nickel finish, barbed, stinger style, straight eye, 2X strength, wide gap, ultra sharp, high-carbon steel, forged. Compares to: Gamakatsu B10S, Tiemco TMC 8089. 20 hooks per pack
R 70.00