Cape Yellowtail - Guided Inshore saltwater flyfishing

One of the Cape's most exciting saltwater fish species to target, the Cape Yellowtail (Seriola Lalandi) is without a doubt one for any saltwater fly angler's bucket list. Renowned for it's incredible fighting abilities, these powerful game fish will put your fly gear to the test and earn your respect!

Cape Streams - Guided Flyfishing

The freestone rivers of the Western Cape offer fantastic fly fishing for wild rainbow and brown trout. The rivers flow through valleys of the picturesque Limietberg Nature Reserve and are situated approximately an hour’s drive from Cape Town.

Breede River - Guided Flyfishing

The Western Cape offers some of the most diverse and exciting saltwater fly fishing that South Africa has to offer. This area of fly fishing continues to gain popularity with all fishermen as the boundaries are continually expanding to cover new species, new techniques, new fly patterns and varying conditions.