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Tarpon. Bonefish. Permit. All in one day. All on one line. That’s the idea behind the Mastery Grand Slam, a fly line designed specifically to help you achieve one of angling’s most elusive accomplishments. With a short, powerful head the Grand Slam cuts through wind and turns over crabs, shrimp, and tarpon toads with ease. We’ve got the line. You just need the fish. Designed for demanding tropical saltwater applications Loads rods quickly, cuts through wind with ease, and turns over big saltwater flies Short, powerful head for quick casts to moving targets Overweighted to load rods quickly and efficiently Tropi-Core™ technology for tropical climates
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WATER: Saltwater LINE: Floating TAPER: Weight Forward LENGTH: 100ft CORE: Monofilament   FEATURES: • Smooth Casting • High Floating • All Purpose Taper The Tropic All Purpose Taper is Cortland's best all-around hot weather floating line for multi-species saltwater fly fishing. Please see link below for Taper and weight dimensions
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The very best flats line on the market — perfect for bones, perms and poons with low stretch performance Easy annealing, low-memory core that lays perfectly straight on the water Low-stretch “DirectCore” for hard, solid strip sets Mid length head & long rear taper for complete line control High floating running line that will not sink and impede the cast
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RIO's general purpose, tropical saltwater fly lines are designed for anglers that fish in warm climates, and feature short, powerful front tapers to easily cast large flies. Each line is built on a medium stiff core, and has a hard, tropical coating. Slightly heavier than standard lines for easy loadingTropical core with a hard, saltwater coating AgentX and XS technologies for the ultimate in performance Welded loops on both ends for fast rigging
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The flats of the Florida Keys can dish up some challenges that the uninitiated don’t often expect.  Big winds, waves, cruising fish, and a laundry list of other goodies mother nature can try and throw out for fun. With the help of one of the Keys’ most sought-after flats guides;  Bruce Chard, we came up with an aggressive front taper line for taking the wind head on and getting your fly and long leader on target.  Not the most experienced flats fisherman?  No problem.  This line was made with novice and advanced anglers alike.  When quick shots to a small target in rough conditions are on the menu, there is no equal. Available in 8wt to 12wt
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Saltwater flats are extremely demanding environments and can demand a lot from a line.  To effectively deliver flies to cruising tarpon and have the strength to set the hook in the equivalent of a galvanized bucket is a tall order. With its balanced taper for covering the widest range of effective distances, the Super-Dri Tarpon is the perfect all-around taper line for fishing the flats.  With the strengthened 40lb Power Core, you can rest assured you’ll have what it takes to drive that hook home and be in good hands during the mayhem that ensues. Available in 10wt to 12wt in floating and intermediate versions.
R 1,495.00
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