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In designing the SONAR Big Water Taper series, Scientific Angler's had one specific goal in mind: to create the world’s strongest fly line. Built on the industry’s first 100-lb. monofilament core, the SONAR Titan BWT Max Sink is built for the blue-water beasts of your dreams (or nightmares). With a super-fast sinking head and a core capable of pulling semi trucks from the depths (hyperbole), this is a line for 15-weight rods and fish that weigh more than you do. Loads quickly and delivers the biggest flies to the furthest targets Excellent turnover due to short, powerful head and short front taper Specially designed for tropical environments Shooting Texture reduces friction, providing longer casts, easier pick-up, and increased durability Built on a 100-lb. monofilament core for tropical climates Sink Rate: Sink 6 = 6.0+ ips
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Saltwater flats are extremely demanding environments and can demand a lot from a line.  To effectively deliver flies to cruising tarpon and have the strength to set the hook in the equivalent of a galvanized bucket is a tall order. With its balanced taper for covering the widest range of effective distances, the Super-Dri Tarpon is the perfect all-around taper line for fishing the flats.  With the strengthened 40lb Power Core, you can rest assured you’ll have what it takes to drive that hook home and be in good hands during the mayhem that ensues. Available in 10wt to 12wt in floating and intermediate versions.
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Depthfinder Big Game - Extra Fast Sinking Lines with Power CoreThe pelagic fish that cruise the tropical waters around the globe will put some of the biggest hurtings on your fishing gear if you’re not properly prepared.  To present baitfish patterns to these cruise missile-speed predators, and survive the battle, Airflo has developed the Depthfinder Big Game. With its extra fast sinking head, the Depthfinder Big Game line gets down and stays down during extra-fast retrieves. The Power Core (30lb-50lb) is ready for battle, giving you the ability to drive the hook home on the set, and hang on for what happens next. Available in sizes 300gr to 700gr.  All models feature an intermediate running line to help you stay down when retrieving.  
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