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THE GO-TO LINE FOR ALL FRESHWATER SPECIES The Mastery Infinity has the power to bomb out streamers, yet retains delicacy for dry flies. It mends like an absolute dream, and delivers flies at all distances. Built a half-size heavy, with a long head and substantial front taper, it’s perfect for everything from trout and panfish to pike and steelhead. There’s a reason we call it the Infinity: there is no end to what you’ll be able to do with it. Extremely versatile general-purpose taper designed for most freshwater species; an excellent line for trout, grayling, panfish, bass, carp, steelhead, salmon, and pike Made a half-size heavy to load fast-action rods, but works well with a variety of rod actions Extended head length for long-distance casts and superior mending ability Excellent for dry flies, nymphs, and streamers For use in moderate and cold climates Braided multifilament core
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Built to FIPS Mouche standards, but designed to simply catch fish, the Mastery Competition Nymph line is as simple as it gets: 80 feet of level line. It doesn’t matter if you’re in an international competition, or just trying to outdo yourself, the Competition Nymph line will perform, fish after fish. Specifically designed for European-style nymphing, if you’re looking for the thinnest, most sensitive line available, look no further. Ultra-thin level-line design for premium performance and sensitivity For use with rods 0- through 5-weight Meets FIPS Mouche competition specifications For use in moderate and cold climates Monofilament core Comes with braided loop connection
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General-purpuse floating fly line Can’t decide what to fish for? Our AirCel general-purpose floating line is a simple, no-frills, weight-forward floating fly line perfect for throwing dry flies, nymphs, and streamers to trout, bass, or panfish in streams, rivers, or lakes. It may not cost a lot, but that certainly doesn’t mean the AirCel won’t get the job done. The original modern floating fly line Dependable flotation and durability Raised bump in handling section to indicate the ideal place to begin the cast Mid–length head for general fishing situations Braided multifilament core
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A perfect line for those new to the sport or just getting back into it. With its user friendly taper design, the long rear taper allows the line to grow with you as you improve and increase your casting range. Velocity lines have many of the features found on our premium lines, available in Floating, Clear Intermediate, and Fast Sinking.
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The number one thing most fly anglers will say they wish they could do better?  Distance casting. With its condensed overall length and short rear taper, the 40+ Series has gained a reputation over the years as one of the best lines for extending your distance casting abilities with minimal effort.  Available in sizes 5wt to 9wt and just about every floating/sinking density you can dream up, there’s a 40+ line for every situation.
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The ultimate line for dry flies, emergers and subtle presentations. The double taper Trout LT features a long, fine front taper for the lightest of presentations. This extra supple line is built with weight distributed towards the back of the line to aid in making easy roll and single handed spey casts. The line features "MaxFloat Tip" - RIO's proprietary tip coating formula that floats more than twice as high as regular floating lines, and is perfect for fishing dry flies, nymphs and emergers. Long front taper for the softest in presentation Rear loaded weight for easy roll and single handed spey casting Built with a super supple, coldwater core and coating 000F-0F do not include loops
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