This is a reliable vise to use for tying most common fly patterns. It's rotating head, adjustable jaws and C clamp base makes it simple to use. FEATURES • C-Clamp base.• Rotary head.• Brass and steel construction.• Adjustable jaws.
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A great strater fly tying kit presented in a wooden box. It comes with a Crown vice and an assortment of various tools - scissors, stacker, whip finisher, hackle pliers, threader and Bodkin FEATURES Crown vice with Pedestal Base Scissors Stacker Whip Finisher Hackle Pliers Threader Bodkin
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The Saltwater Traveler True Rotary Vise offers you the same great features of the Traveler 2200 plus more. While you are still enjoying the True Rotary feature, the adjustable bobbin cradle, the 7″ anodized aluminum and a cam operated jaws, you will also enjoy the material clip and a spinning attachment. The jaws on the Saltwater Traveler are designed to hold hooks ranging from a 4 to 8/0. *also available in C-Clamp model
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The Traveler True Rotary Vise was first introduced in 1988, since then it has become the most popular in the world. It offered the True Rotary feature Renzetti Inc is known for, as well as portability, unquestionable hook holding power and an affordable price. For tying with hooks: #28 – 4/0 *also available in C-Clamp model
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The Wapsi Standard Starter Kit includes the tools and materials to tie the following 10 fly patterns: Wooly Bugger All Purpose Nymph San Juan Worm Stretch Tubing Scud Foam Beetle Poly Caddis Brassie Bead Head Caddis Larva Fur Ant Inchworm   The Wapsi Deluxe Fly Tying Starter Kit is an expanded version of Wapsi’s popular Starter Kit. The kit includes all the tools and materials to tie 17 of today’s best fly patterns. The kit comes with your choice of the Wapsi Fly Tying Handbook or D.V.D. both of which offer excellent color photos (or video) detailing each fly tying step and fundamental technique. Below is a photo of the components of the kit and a list of the flies it will tie: Bead Head Caddis Foam Beetle Woolly Bugger Stretch Tubing Scud Poly Caddis Brassie Fur Ant San Juan Worm Poly Spinner All Purpose Nymph Cone Head Rabbit Streamer CDC Emerger Soft Hackle Wet Green Weenie Cone Head Leech Deer Hair Bug Clouser Minnow
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The Xplorer flt pedestal base is compatible with the Xplorer Crown and Rookie vises
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