Great quality foam used for tying various floating bodies on beetles, ants and hoppers. It is also useful to create detached bodies of mayflies. Sizes: 2mm - 3 sheets 7.5cm x 11cm each. 3mm - 3 sheets 7.5cm x 11cm each 6mm -2 sheets 7.5cm x 11cm each  
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Great quality, thin closed cell foam for Hopper, Ants, Beetles, Grunter prawns and Largemouth Yellowfish flies.    
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Wapsi’s foam cylinders are made of the perfect density foam for shaping popper bodies. FEATURES: Each Cylinder is 1.6 inches long. Sizes 1/4″ come 6 per pack. Can colour with Wapsi’s prismacolour markers. Sandable.
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The Howitzer is a next-generation soft foam popper head that provides new options for tying articulated baitfish poppers. The Howitzer imitates the head of a small minnow (or baitfish) that is splashing and sipping at the surface of the water. It's designed with a deep recess at the back of the head so that an articulated body and tail of a minnow can be embedded seamlessly into the back of the head. As a result, the body of the minnow hangs down in the water (roughly at a 45-degree angle) and moves enticingly in a position that can be seen by predatory fish from a long distance and offers them an irresistible profile and an easy opportunity for a meal! Quantity per pack: Medium (8); Large (6). Sizes Medium: Length 20 mm x Width 19 mm x Height 14 mm. Fits #2 - 2/0 long-shank streamer hooks, 20 mm Fish-Skull Articulated Shanks or Fish-Spines, and 6 mm eyes. Large: Length 26 mm x Width 24 mm x Height 19 mm. Fits 3/0 - 5/0 long-shank "predator" style hooks, 20 mm Fish-Skull Big Game Shanks, and 8.5 mm eyes.
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The Double Barrel is an innovative, modern, soft-foam popper body that makes it easy to tie the most popular popper, slider, and diver flies being used today to target various species from panfish to sailfish! It has several unique design advantages over other popper bodies and is available in a comprehensive range of sizes and colors, allowing you to tie a full spectrum of flies. The versatile foam head can be tied on with the cup facing forward to create popper flies, and can be tied on in reverse to create slider, diver, and Sneaky Pete style foam flies. Sizes Medium: Length 21 mm x Width 17 mm x Height 13 mm. Fits #2 hooks and 4 mm eyes. Large: Length 27 mm x Width 20 mm x Height 18 mm. Fits 2/0 - 4/0 hooks, 28 mm shanks, and 6 mm eyes. Extra-large: Length 33 mm x Width 27 mm x Height 26 mm. Fits 4/0 - 6/0 hooks, 40 mm shanks, and 8.5 mm eyes.
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