If you don’t want it wet, muddy, or lost, it goes in here. Dustproof, waterproof, and virtually indestructible Removable cargo tray, pack-and-stack design Perfect to use as a safety kit or electronics vault The compact LoadOut® GoBox 15 Gear Case protects everything you can’t afford to risk to the elements or disorder. Designed to fit in smaller spaces and equipped with a flip-up Grab and Go handle, it’s thecargo box you can take to the blind, haul onto the skiff, or throw in the back seat. Waterproof, dustproof, and practically indestructible, you can trust that whether you’re using your GoBox 15 as a safety kit orelectronics vault, the wild stays out and everything inside stays safe. Please note: The GoBox isn't a cooler, so don’t fill it with ice. But you can squeeze a Daytrip® Lunch Box inside. Or add a Tundra® Hard Cooler to your lineup. Measurement & Specs External Dimansions:  10.2"W x 14.7"D x 11.3"H (25.9W X 37.3D X 28.7H CM) Internal Dimensions: 8.5"W x 11.8"D x 8.6"H (21.6W X 30.0D X 21.8H CM) Empty weight with included accessories: 7.5LBS (3.4KG)
R 4,695.00
Having your equipment accessible and protected is non-negotiable for almost any pursuit—and yet typical gear cases aren’t built to stand up to the demands of the outdoors, and lack organizational capabilities. The YETI alternative is the LoadOut® GoBox™ Gear Case. It’s waterproof, dustproof, stackable, and meant to store your must-have tools until you need to get up and go. Built to be nearly indestructible, the ultra-portable gearbox can endure seasons in the sun, negative temps in the field, and the daily abuse of being lugged in and out of the truck, the boat, and the blind. Accessories included: Divider, Caddy, and Pack Attic™ Please note: this product is not a cooler. External Dimensions: (W) 52.1cm X (D) 37.1cm X (H) 28.2cm Empty weight: 11.8LBS - 5.4KG
R 8,995.00