All strips are cut from A grade hides, 1/8" wide. Perfect for streamer patterns for trout, yellowfish and bass.
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Large, quality deer tails sourced from America. Long fibres in a vareity of colours Perfect for tying a variety of clousers, baitfish and streamer fly patterns
R 245.00
Wapsi Bucktails are a staple tying material, used for the Bucktail Streamer, Clouser Minnow's, and other popular patterns. These tails are dyed with very nice colors and have relatively straight fibers. These are premium bucktails in natural and dyed colors. Wapsi Bucktails are made in the U.S.A.
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A whole tail in white and dyed colours. Always the favourite to tie permit and other bonefish charlie type patterns.
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Kiptail (aka Calftail) is a very versatile fly tying material commonly used for hair wings and tails on flies and jigs.  This is a natural product and as such the size, hair thickness, and color can vary from one tail to another.
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Hand selected by experts for ease of spinning.
R 110.00
Excellent for tying deer hair winged dry flies (Goddard Sedge, Caddis Sedge, Comparadun). Essential for many Muddler patterns. Also used for wings, backs, tails and for dry fly and midge bodies. Very easy for spinning. Premium quality, hand selected.
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Ideal for tying medium to large hair bugs. Belly hair is naturally white and is dyed to bright, vibrant colours.
R 100.00
From great quality Rabbit skins 3 mm strips cut from soft rabbit skins. Used in Zonker, Matuka style patterns. Rabbit fur is useful for tying wet and nymph bodies. Easy to dub. Pack: 3-4 strips, about 80-90 cm per package.
R 70.00
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Premium Elk hair. Used for many popular dry fly patterns. Approx. 30cm x 6cm
R 375.00
Wapsi Premo Deer hair Strips are the answer for any tier who ties with deer hair in great quantity. Perfect for bass bugs, streamer heads, and mice patterns. Hand selected for high quality hair. Approximately 15 inches (38.1cm) x 2 1/2 inches (6.35cm)
R 460.00
The Barred Rabbit Zonked makes beautiful two-toned zonkers, sculpins, double bunnies, Dahlberg divers, tarpon bunnies and bonefish flies. The premium quality rabbit strips are barred dyed for a variegated appearance. Pack: 3 strips about 30 cm each. Width: 4 mm.
R 110.00