Airflo's Amadou patch is made from the very rare natural Amadou fungus which has amazing absorbent properties to dry saturated dry flies without damaging the hackle. The patch is perfect for CDC flies or any dry fly pattern that needs reviving.
R 330.00
The flats of the Florida Keys can dish up some challenges that the uninitiated don’t often expect.  Big winds, waves, cruising fish, and a laundry list of other goodies mother nature can try and throw out for fun. With the help of one of the Keys’ most sought-after flats guides;  Bruce Chard, we came up with an aggressive front taper line for taking the wind head on and getting your fly and long leader on target.  Not the most experienced flats fisherman?  No problem.  This line was made with novice and advanced anglers alike.  When quick shots to a small target in rough conditions are on the menu, there is no equal. Available in 8wt to 12wt
R 1,395.00
A perfect line for those new to the sport or just getting back into it. With its user friendly taper design, the long rear taper allows the line to grow with you as you improve and increase your casting range. Velocity lines have many of the features found on our premium lines, available in Floating, Clear Intermediate, and Fast Sinking.
R 750.00
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The number one thing most fly anglers will say they wish they could do better?  Distance casting.With its condensed overall length and short rear taper, the 40+ Series has gained a reputation over the years as one of the best lines for extending your distance casting abilities with minimal effort.  Available in sizes 5wt to 9wt and just about every intermediate/sinking density you can dream up, there’s a 40+ line for every situation.
R 1,350.00
The new Airflo Forge Salt takes design cues from our legendary saltwater lineup, but keeps the cost down so you can still pay for your day out on the water.The low-stretch core ensures positive hooksets, while the super-slick PTFE coating reduces friction to help with quick shots to moving fish. Tropical polymer formulation ensures superb casting and handling performance in the hottest conditions. Available WF7 to WF12
R 750.00
The Airflo Forge range of fly lines offers fantastic value for the functionality - it's superb for nymphs, dries and any top of the water presentation. A total head length of 40’ makes it an extremely versatile performer that will work for all levels of casting ability.  A relatively long front taper of 8’ (Inc. tip) allows for smooth turnover and precise deliveries. Ultra-smooth line surface to helps to improve casting performance, increase water repulsion and allows for smooth lifts off the water when covering rising fish.  Braided multi filament core, that offers limited line stretch. Standard warm olive head colour to help reduce any line flash with a sunrise yellow running line to improve casting visibility. Available in 3wt to 6wt
R 750.00
Depthfinder Big Game - Extra Fast Sinking Lines with Power CoreThe pelagic fish that cruise the tropical waters around the globe will put some of the biggest hurtings on your fishing gear if you’re not properly prepared.  To present baitfish patterns to these cruise missile-speed predators, and survive the battle, Airflo has developed the Depthfinder Big Game. With its extra fast sinking head, the Depthfinder Big Game line gets down and stays down during extra-fast retrieves. The Power Core (30lb-50lb) is ready for battle, giving you the ability to drive the hook home on the set, and hang on for what happens next. Available in sizes 300gr to 700gr.  All models feature an intermediate running line to help you stay down when retrieving.
R 1,495.00