Airflo's Amadou patch is made from the very rare natural Amadou fungus which has amazing absorbent properties to dry saturated dry flies without damaging the hackle. The patch is perfect for CDC flies or any dry fly pattern that needs reviving.
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The original Airlite rods were nothing short of sublime. The perfect blend of modern lightweight graphite and components made for a breathtakingly smooth yet powerful action, leaving the fly fisher feeling in total control of every glorious cast! The all new V2 is just better, why we hear you ask? Making use of the same unique blend of graphite and exacting tapers, coupled with lightweight double leg snakes and a stunning lock down reel seat. The blank itself is now a more versatile 4 piece model, its slimmer & feels lighter in the hand and by tweaking the action further is even more responsive than the original.  The 10' rods have been designed specifically for the Stillwater angler. The 6# is a true top of the water performer, with a smooth action and lighter tip for finer tippets, whilst the 8# is the beast of the range and aimed at the competition angler who likes to pull!! Also in the range, the 9’ 5# doubles as a very smooth rod for rivers and a nice light rod for flat calms and single dries on the lake. The 9’ 8# is the perfect rod for the salt and makes an excellent weapon for the...
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The new SLN Euro Nymph Line is a super thin specialist nymph line - FIPS Mouche competition legal and built on a non stretch core for maximum feel. At only 0.60 mm in diameter, It also features our Super-dri coating so it floats extremely high, and is far more durable compared to PVC or mono-filament based nymph lines or french leaders. The line is stealth olive on one side, and the other end has a fluoro-orange tip - so you can pick the colour you want to fish dependent on stealth requirements and light conditions. Ultra neat micro welded loops make tippet attachment simplicity itself. This is the ultimate stealth nymph line - no other comes close. 
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As true masters of sinking line technology, Airflo we’re the guys who created density compensation, low stretch cores, and a standardized sink rate system. So it’s no surprise that they have taken this cutting edge range of lines a step further.Knowing how much line you have left in the water is one of the keys to successful sunk line fishing. With our new “Hang Marker“ system, you have color coded marks on your line that clearly tell you how much is still down there. Sunk line fishing just got a whole lot easier. Delta Taper for presentation at distance Low Stretch (6%) Braided Power Core DI3 (3IPS), DI5 (5IPS), DI7 (7IPS) DI3 WF5/6 -8/9, DI5, DI7, WF6/7 -8/9
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The new Airflo Forge Salt takes design cues from our legendary saltwater lineup, but keeps the cost down so you can still pay for your day out on the water.The low-stretch core ensures positive hooksets, while the super-slick PTFE coating reduces friction to help with quick shots to moving fish. Tropical polymer formulation ensures superb casting and handling performance in the hottest conditions. Available WF7 to WF12
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The Airflo Forge range of fly lines offers fantastic value for the functionality - it's superb for nymphs, dries and any top of the water presentation. A total head length of 40’ makes it an extremely versatile performer that will work for all levels of casting ability.  A relatively long front taper of 8’ (Inc. tip) allows for smooth turnover and precise deliveries. Ultra-smooth line surface to helps to improve casting performance, increase water repulsion and allows for smooth lifts off the water when covering rising fish.  Braided multi filament core, that offers limited line stretch. Standard warm olive head colour to help reduce any line flash with a sunrise yellow running line to improve casting visibility.
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There's a difference between cold and really cold... especially when your flyline starts misbehaving. The original environment where fly fisher's started to appreciate the benefits of polyurethane coating - an unrelenting toughness and unbelievable suppleness in the coldest conditions make this line a favourite for Western Cape Saltwater flyfishermen.Improved by the inclusion of Power Cores, memory is reduced to zero and the uncanny ability to set hooks at long range helps you catch even more fish. Floating and intermediate lines are looped.
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