Rio's tippet rings are perfect for tying up nymphing leader rigs. Small 2mm size Silver finish
R 175.00
The RIO Gold is the ultimate all round, floating line for the trout fly fisher. Special taper design that gives incredible loop stability at distance Unique profile that allows a rod to load at close range Front taper that delivers perfect presentation of flies between sizes #22 and #2.  Available in two colour options: Moss head with a dusky gold running line Bright melon head with a gray running line
R 1,350.00
The perfect floating line for Czech, Polish and French style nymphing Ultra-thin, incredibly light line for the utmost in sensitivity Highly visible tip for detecting the subtlest of takes Approved & endorsed by FIPS Mouche as “Competition Legal Low-stretch core, with three colour markings Orange, Sage & Olive for visibility Suitable for #2-5wt set ups RIO's updated Euro Nymph line has been thoroughly vetted and approved by FIPS Mouche as "Compettion Legal". A system of special marks on the line has been endorsed and approved by FIPS Mouche, ensuring that competitive anglers do not have to waste valuable fishing time by having their line checked during competition hours.
R 1,030.00
RIO's Powerflex Wire Bite Tippet is a tough, flexible nylon-coated wire that's perfect for those sharp toothed critters. This knot-table, braided wire is supple enough to tie directly to the fly. Available in 30lb & 40lb, with 4.5m (15 feet) on each spool.  
R 290.00
RIO’s GT line has been specifically designed for the demanding conditions faced by the hardcore GT angler. Each line features a powerful front taper to cast the biggest of flies, and a short, heavy head to easily load powerful saltwater rods. The line is built on an extremely tough, ultra strong core in excess of 50 lbs that will easily battle large fish, and resist being cut on coral and rock structures. A hard, tropical coating prevents the line from wilting in the heat. In 2016 RIO increased the core strength of the 550gr GT line to 70lb.
R 1,450.00
RIO’s Mainstream saltwater fly lines have been developed to meet the overall needs of the novice fly fisher, and are designed to optimize rod performance with slightly heavier and shorter head lengths. Every Mainstream line undergoes the same rigorous production processes and quality control standards as all RIO fly lines, and is made in RIO’s Idaho manufacturing facility. Each saltwater line is built with a hard, saltwater coating for the best in performance. Slightly heavier, easy casting lines for a multitude of saltwater species. Short, powerful front taper for good presentation and turnover. 
R 700.00
RIO’s InTouch Striper floating line is an easy casting, floating line that is built on RIO's ultra-low stretch ConnectCore for the maximum in performance. The line has a short, powerful head of 30ft, and an aggressive front taper that makes it easy to cast Clousers, gurglers, poppers and other typical striper flies. The line has a supple, coldwater core and coating that has no "memory" and will not tangle, and features RIO's Extreme Slickness technology for the very best in casting performance. Welded loops on both ends makes it very easy and fast to rig. The core strength of these lines is 30lb. RIO’s InTouch Striper intermediate sinking line is an easy casting, full intermediate sinking line that is built on RIO's ultra-low stretch ConnectCore for the maximum in performance. The line sinks about 1.5 to 2 inches per second, and is ideal for fishing 2 to 4 ft deep, or in waves and on a windy day when a floating line would "ride" the waves; resulting in anglers losing contact and control of the fly. The line has a supple, coldwater core and coating that has no "memory" and will not tangle. A short, powerful head of 30ft, and an agressive front...
R 1,595.00
Opaque two tone 8” sections of fluorescent pink and fluorescent chartreuse colour changing tippet with highly defined hard color changes. These color breaks create maximum contrast to allow anglers to get visual cues when tight line nymphing. The best indicator material for building sighters for European Style Nymphing. 4 sizes are available 4X (6lb), 3X (7lb), 2X (8.5lb) & 1X (11lb), with 30 yards on each spool.
R 250.00
RIO’s InTouch Camolux line is an intermediate sinking line that sinks about 1.5 to 2 ips. The line is built with a unique clear-camo coloration that is extremely effective when targeting wary fish in clear water, and is deadly efficient for fishing between 2ft and 6ft depth in lakes. Each line is built on an ultra-low stretch core for incredible sensitivity to the take and lightning-fast hook sets, and features a short "hang marker" thirteen feet from the front end to allow for fishing the hang. Each line is built with a neat welded loop on the front end for fast rigging.
from R 1,375.00 - R 1,650.00
The InTouch RIO Grand is designed to be the best choice of line for fast action fly rods, or for more novice casters that like a little extra load to help them with the cast.  Easily loads fast action rods Connectcore with ultra-low stretch improves cast timing, hook sets and precise mending One full line size heavier than industry standard Features RIO's unique three colour "SureFire" colour system that improves accuracy and makes it easy to gauge exact distances at a glance. RIO's "MaxCast" technology actively repels water for higher floatation and greater durability RIO's "MaxFloat" Tip, keeps the line tip floating high on the water and puts an end to annoying sunken line tips.  
R 1,750.00
The ultimate line for dry flies, emergers and subtle presentations Long front taper for the softest of presentations Rear loaded weight on the line for easy roll and single handed spey casting Built with a super supple, coldwater core and coating that floats twice as high as regular floating lines  
R 1,080.00
RIO’s General Purpose Tropical Saltwater lines are designed for anglers that fish in warm climates for a multitude of species. The lines features short, powerful front tapers and are slightly heavier than the industry standard to cast large flies and load powerful saltwater rods with ease. Each line is built on a medium stiff core, has a hard, tropical coating that will not wilt in the heat, and features welded loops on both ends for easy rigging.  
R 1,450.00
The very best flats line on the market - perfect for bonefish, permit and tarpon with low stretch performance Easy annealing, low-memory core that lays perfectly straight on the water Low-stretch "direct-core" for hard, solid strip sets Mid length had & long rear taper for complete line control High floating running line that will not sink and impeded the cast Triple colour, distance-marking design takes the guesswork out of accuracy and distance control The core strength of this line is as follows: WF6 - WF7 = 30lb WF8 - WF9 = 40lb WF10 - WF12 = 50lb
R 1,950.00