The most popular reel in the Shilton fresh water line up is the CR series, which is available in CR2-CR4 for line weights 3 to 8. The super large arbor design offers rapid, yet smooth line retrieval and less line memory. Apart from the CR4, this series has the same drag design as the CL and CK. The CR4 has the same technical design features as the other CR sizes, but has been increased in size and surface area offering more drag for those larger fresh water species. The CR4 is proving to be popular amongst anglers who are targeting tiger fish, bass and large Salmonoid species with 7 and 8 weight rods. The CR reels have a contemporary design without sacrificing function or rugged durability. The CR3 reel has the option of two spools: the standard CR3 spool for 5-6 weight lines and the CR3 EX spool for 7 weight lines and more backing capacity. Although the CR range has a super large arbor and naturally look bigger than their fresh water cousins they are perfectly balanced with their recommended line weights and are lighter than the CK range. The line retrieval, both incoming and outgoing, is silent. The...
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The Shilton SR Series is the latest addition to the already sterling range of Shilton fly reels. The SR series have been designed from the ground up with the saltwater angler in mind, rugged functionality with high grade 6082 T6 aluminium to give you the edge you need in any saltwater scenario.  The overall diameter of the cork drag has been increased, resulting in less start up inertia and more stopping power, as well as adding one extra plunger (from 2 to 3), for extra drag engagement and durability. The reels are available in  • SR9 (9 weight), • SR10 (10 weight) • SR12 (12 weight)   Reel Capacity – Diameter / Weight / Line weight / Backing strength (backing sold separately) SR9 : 10,1cm / 243g / 9 / WF9F + 210m 30lbs SR10: 10,8cm / 277g / 10 / WF10F + 260m 30lbs SR12: 11,7cm / 310g / 12 / WF12F + 320m 30lbs  
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When the very first Shilton saltwater fly reels were introduced to the market, they were an instant success and have become one of the tried and tested saltwater reels in the industry. The Shilton SL range features a custom-processed cork disc drag, and the same high quality anodizing used for all the Shilton Reel ranges, the SL series quickly became the choice reel for many large guiding operations due to its simple and effective design. Constant use and time in the field is the only real test. Now available with an incoming and outgoing click, in black, titanium and a variety of custom colours in sizes SL4 to SL8 for line weights 5/6 to 14/16. Capacity Guidelines          Diameter / Weight / Line Weight / Backing            SL4:  9.1cm / 200g / 5-6 / WF6 F + 140m 20lbs         ><      3.6″ / 7.0 oz./ 5-6 / WF7 I + 150 yd. 20lbs SL5:  9,1cm / 215g / 7-8 / WF7 I + 250m 20lbs          ><  3.6″ / 7.6 oz. / 7-8 / WF7 I + 275 yd. 20lbs SL6:  9,7cm / 230g / 9-10...
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The mid arbor CK fresh water range fits perfectly between the standard arbor CL and super large arbor CR series. This series is especially popular for anglers who prefer a smaller diameter reel with a reasonably quick line retrieval. It is available from CK2 and CK3 and accommodates line weights from 4 to 7. The reel retrieve both incoming and outgoing is silent. The reels are currently available in titanium or black. CK2 Model: Line Weight 4-5wt Diameter 7.9cm / 3.1″ Weight 136g  / 4.8 oz Backing 75m 20lbs + WF5 Spool Mid Arbor Click Silent In and Out Colour Titanium / Black Protection Type II Anodize Designation Freshwater Species Trout, Grayling, Yellowfish
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