Ultra Chenille is denser and more uniform than standard chenille. Ultra Chenille is made of fine synthetic fibres, twisted onto a thread core. Very soft, pliable and easy to use. Used in many nymph, wet and small streamer fly bodies. Also makes great legs and feelers for crab and shrimp saltwater patterns.
R 50.00
Hand selected by experts for ease of spinning.
R 110.00
Great to use for spinner wings, parachutes, and poly duns. approx. 15ft per package.
from R 50.00 - R 52.00
Wapsi’s best selling marabou! This marabou is the blood quill. Fluffy plumes come from turkey marabou are a favorite material for winging lures, streamers, damsel and dragon fly nymphs and leeches. The fibers are very soft and mobile, producing pulsate action underwater. Length: 8-11cm. Pack: 1/4 oz, 7 gram.
R 100.00
All three sizes are excellent for Nymphs and Woven Body Flies. For San Juan Worms use “Standard” and for Wooly Buggers use “Medium”. 15ft per package.
from R 50.00 - R 55.00
This small grizzly chicken marabou is also known as grizzly chickabou. The natural barring looks great on wooly buggers and smaller flies.
R 120.00
Long Schlappen feathers by Wapsi are a must-have for any fly tier. Schlappen play an important role in fly tying and are a very versatile natural product for many different patterns: You can use these soft feathers as a tail or can create a soft hackle with ease. Great for saltwater flies. Top quality, extra long and many great colors Length of feathers: approx. 10 - 15 cm
R 115.00
UTC Ultra Wire in small size is 0.16mm. Very thin wire to create ribbings on small nymphs, emergers or even dry flies. Ribbings set an additional attraction point and keep the dubbing or any other body material in place for extended durability. 7.5 meters per spool.
from R 62.00 - R 80.00
Strung Rooster Saddles are 5″ to 7″ long and weigh approx. 1/4oz per package. They are great for wooly buggers, wets, bass and saltwater flies!
R 140.00
Ideal for tying medium to large hair bugs. Belly hair is naturally white and is dyed to bright, vibrant colours.
R 100.00
Wapsi Supreme Hair or super hair is 11″ Long flexible crimped nylon. Great for saltwater flies like surf candy and clousers.
from R 111.00 - R 125.00