The take-anywhere wine cellar - Double-wall vacuum insulation locks in the perfect temp and the Silicone landing pad keeps your wine bottle safe without a sound. Designed for wine nights in the wild, this coldholding wine chiller is durable enough to withstand any condition, and sized to fit nearly any wine or champagne bottle. Just drop in a cold bottle to lock in the perfect sipping temp for hours. Pre-chill your wine chiller in an icy cooler or your fridge for best results. FITS MOST WINE AND CHAMPAGNE BOTTLES - Reds, whites, and rosés are all at home here. SILICONE LANDING PAD - Keeps your wine bottle safe without a sound. BEARFOOT™ NON-SLIP RING - Stands securely without slipping to keep your wine in its place. NO SWEAT™ DESIGN - Prevents condensation to keep your tabletop dry — and your wine chilled. EMPTY WEIGHT - 2.0 LB DIMENSIONS - 10.8cm (W) X 23.8cm (H)
R 1,995.00

The collection of YETI® Insulated Barware offers a variety of cups and tumblers—not to mention the best can insulators for your favorite longneck. Look no further for a 24 oz Beer Mug for your go-to local brew, an insulated wine tumbler built to handle a glass of wine from your back porch to backcountry base camp, or a 10 oz Lowball ideal for four fingers of bourbon. Don’t forget about using the 16 oz Stackable Pint to upgrade your single-use plastic cups for any base camp parties.